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Closed-Loop Cryogenic Stages

SmarAct has developed cryogenic positioning stages featuring unmatched closed-loop positioning performance with resolutions below 0.5 nm and bidirectional repeatabilities of 5 nm over a 1 mm travel range. The high-performance stages are specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements that world-changing technologies like quantum computing induce. The materials for SmarAct's closed-loop cryogenic positioning stages are selected to match the required thermal properties and prevent mechanical stress during cooling and heating cycles. Fully non-magnetic versions are available for use in high magnetic fields.

For the closed-loop cryogenic actuators, SmarAct combines its stick-slip piezo drive stages with its PICOSCALE sensor heads based on an all-optical Michelson interferometric design. SmarAct's closed-loop cryogenic stages are 28 mm in width and 14 mm in height. They are available in lengths from 30 mm to 75 mm with travel ranges from 16 mm to 49 mm.

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Exhibitor: SmarAct GmbH


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