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Economical, High Performance Fast Axis Collimators for High Power Blue Laser Diodes

Laser diodes virtually always require FACs. For near IR laser diodes these lenses are usually made from high index optical glasses in order to reduce size, complexity and costs. But FACs for high power blue laser diodes cannot be made from these glasses because they experience excessive thermal lensing due to absorbed laser light. Research at FISBA has now identified a high index material which does support use with all currently available blue laser diode single emitters. At this power, FACs made from this FISBA «Blue» offer an unmatched combination of cost and performance. For the even lower absorption levels required at the higher power levels that may become available from diode arrays, FISBA is developing a new process that enables the volume production of fused silica FACs. Specifically, it allows the production of highly curved, biconvex, acircular cylindric optical forms that cannot be cost-effectively manufactured in volume using existing methods. These will deliver the combination of performance and economy needed to take full advantage of these exciting new high power, short wavelength light sources.

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Exhibitor: FISBA Photonics GmbH


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