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Heimann Sensor presents...

... high resolution 80x64 Thermopile Arrays with various optics.

The new thermopile array module shows an increased number of sensitive pixels compared to any other thermopile array on the market.

Thanks to the internal 16 Bit AD-Conversion and an integrated EEPROM inside the TO8 case with integrated optics, the complete array can be provided as fully calibrated array with a 6 pin package. Using a SPI interface the calibration data and the stream of the pixel data can be read out.

We have designed six different optics to adapt the array´s field of view (FoV) to different applications from very wide 120x90 deg for room occupancy and person detection to only 12x9 deg FOV for far distance monitoring:

A detailed description can be found on our data sheet.

The frame rate can be chosen up to 22 Hz with the full 16 bit resolution and can achieve >100 Hz for a lower ADC resolution. NETD values reach 150….300 mK for standard applications and down to about 50 mK for high resolution applications. Special optics allow to measure temperatures up to 1000 °C.

There is a wide range of different applications for the 80x64 Sensor. Besides industrial imaging, maintenance, process and traffic control, it can be used building automation, energy management, HVAC as well as security, person and fire detection, fever and Hot Spot detection.


Exhibitor: HEIMANN Sensor GmbH


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