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Gigahertz Optik GmbH is a globally positioned company which manufactures and offers solutions in the measurement of optical radiation in the UV/VIS/IR range.

About us

Gigahertz Optik GmbH offers the high flexibility of a medium-sized German manufacturer, able to react to the needs of customers and markets. Due to the individual, intensive support of end users and OEM customers across many sectors of research and industry, Gigahertz Optik has won the long-term
recognition and respect of it´s customers worldwide.

Since 1986, Gigahertz Optik has been supplying contemporary and innovative measurement technology offering our customers accuracy and ease of use.
Our main products include photodetector based light meters, spectroradiometers, spectrophotometers, integrating spheres and calibration standards.

We have always sought the best possible calibration for our products.
This is notably reflected in the accreditation of our calibration lab for optical radiation measurements for the measurement of spectral sensitivity and spectral
irradiance according to ISO / IEC 17025 (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH, DAkkS DK-15047-01-00).

Gigahertz Optik GmbH
An der Kälberweide 12
82299 Tuerkenfeld

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Florian Schropp
Head of Sales & Marketing
Phone: +49 8193 93700-0

Products and Services

The product portfolio includes easy-to-use spectroradiometers, broadband measurement systems, integrating sphere systems, high-end spectroradiometers, automated measurement systems and individual customer solutions. Besides hardware also software and services are offered, developed and produced in Germany. Services are provided by our measurement laboratory which extends over 300 square meters with highly educated staff. Our customers use our products either in research, quality assurance, production control or directly in the final application.

· Broadband Detectors (UV, VIS, IR)
· Spectroradiometers (UV, VIS, IR)
· Handheld Light Meters
· Spectrophotometers & Analysis Laboratory Systems
· Transmission, Reflection, Absorption Measurement
· Integrating Spheres
· Calibration Light Sources
· Uniform Light Sources
· Measurement Services / Calibration (ISO 17025)
· Customized Products & Services

Detector for fast, time-resolved (ns) radiant power measurement of pulsed laser diodes and LEDs. Features: Integrating sphere for integration of laser modes and beam profile. Pulse waveform with peak power and pulse energy (in joules) of pulses with pulse lengths in the low ns range. Optional 7 mm measuring aperture for eye safety.

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Bi-technology sensor light meter for high quality UV measurements. Features: Low stray light, 200 nm bis 900 nm, short measurement time (electronic shutter), Trigger input and output, entrance optic with diffusor for irradiance and spectral irradiance, etc.

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UV radiometer for UV-C LEDs and low-pressure Hg germicidal lamps Calibration factors for UV LEDs from 250 nm to 300 nm and 254 nm low pressure Hg lamps. Handheld meter with separate detector. Displays irradiance and dose with peak-hold function.

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News & Innovations

New: Watch our Gigahertz Optik Company Video
Light accompanies our everyday life in the most varied of facets. The most diverse applications in the UV-VIS-IR spectrum require light sources or measuring systems to optimize the well-being of people in rooms, to promote self-sufficient plant growth, to advance future technologies in autonomous driving and much more. Thanks to our DAkkS accredited testing and calibration laboratory (ISO / IEC 17025 / DAkkS D-K-15047-01-00, DAkkS D-PL-15047-01-00), our measuring devices deliver high-precision measurement results that our customers benefit from in their applications. We develop, produce and calibrate our product solutions at Türkenfeld, near Munich.

In our new company video you have the opportunity to get an overview of our services, products and the people who are behind all the product developments with "Made in Germany" quality. Further reading
UV-C Radiometer for disinfection effectiveness and safety of UV-C LEDs and germicidal lamps
The X1-1-UV-3726 radiometer enables the effectiveness of UV germicidal irradiation (UVGI) to be accurately determined for both low pressure mercury (254nm) germicidal lamps and UV-C LEDs. Additionally, the device has sufficient sensitivity to detect if undesired exposure poses a photobiological safety risk to users. UVGI is a sterilization method that uses UV-C light to break down microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria by altering their DNA and RNA, rendering them unable to replicate.

The germicidal effectiveness of UV-C radiation depends on its dose (µJ / cm2) and wavelength. The dose is determined by measuring the irradiance (µW / cm2) and duration of exposure. The effectiveness of germicidal activity is wavelength dependent with a maximum around 265 nm which makes the potential germicidal efficacy of available UV-C LEDs greater than 254 nm emission Hg lamps.

The X1-1-UV-3726 radiometer measures UV-C irradiance over a very wide dynamic range to beyond 100 mW / cm² with a resolution of 0.001 µW / cm². It is calibrated for its spectral responsivity from 250 nm to 300 nm. Wavelength dependent calibration factors given in 5 nm increments are incorporated for measuring UV LEDs with known nominal wavelength. Additionally, a 254 nm calibration is included for Hg lamps as well as a general purpose 260 nm to 290 nm calibration for non-specific UV-C LEDs.

The X1-1-UV-3726 offers sufficient sensitivity to check for safety compliance and the effectiveness of personal protection equipment (PPE) in accordance with the accepted occupational exposure limit to actinic UV (ICNIRP). This requires irradiance levels to be < 0.2 µW/cm2 at 254 nm and < 0.1 µW/cm2 at 270 nm over 8 hour’s exposure. The handheld meter provides a real time display of irradiance or dose and includes a peak-hold function. The device may also be operated via its USB interface. Each meter is supplied with a traceable calibration certificate from the Gigahertz-Optik laboratory. Further reading
Gigahertz Optik gives talks at two international UV conferences
Gigahertz Optik has recently presented talks at two international conferences on UVC radiation. Both presentations are now available for post-event viewing using the following links.

At the International Ultraviolet Association’s IUVA 2021 World Congress, Gigahertz Optik’s talk “Far-UVC germicidal sources – measurement challenges and solutions” addressed the demands placed on equipment and techniques for the accurate measurement of germicidal UVC sources and in particular, far-UVC such as excimer 222nm lamps.

At the International Conference on UV LED Technologies & Applications, ICULTA 2021, the presentation “Accurate UV-C LED measurement techniques include the removal of fluorescence effects” explored the importance of considering fluorescence effects as a potential source of significant error when measuring UVC LEDs. Further reading

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