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HighFinesse GmbH is the world-leading supplier for wavelength meters and further cutting edge technology, such as spectrometers, linewidth analyzers, and precision current sources.

About us

HighFinesse GmbH is a worldwide leading manufacturer of instruments in the field of optical measurement technology. Our mission is to supply innovative, high precision optical measuring equipment for telecommunications, photonics industry and scientific research.

Founded in Tübingen (Germany) in 2000, HighFinesse is globally represented and provides excellent customer support, built on the expertise of a highly qualified team. As a partner in several projects for industrial and scientific development, we aim at providing our customers with customized systems, adjusted to the requirements of the state-of-the-art technology.

HighFinesse’s products are appreciated for their high-end specifications, accuracy and longevity. The portfolio includes the WS8 wavemeter, the most accurate commercially available wavelength meter in the world. With this product, HighFinesse provides the ultimate laser characterization tool for scientific research, telecommunications industry and test applications.

HighFinesse GmbH
Wöhrdstr. 4
72072 Tübingen

Phone: +49 7071 539180
Internet: www.highfinesse.de

TOPTICA Photonics (China) Co., Ltd.
Room 603B,The Exchange Beijing, No.118, Jian Guo Road B, Chaoyang District
100022 Beijing
P. R. China

Phone: +86 216 1933509
Internet: www.toptica-china.com

Products and Services

HighFinesse’s product portfolio embraces wavelength meters, linewidth analyzers, spectrometers, calibration sources, and precision current sources for telecommunications, stable clock, test and measurement systems for commercial market.

The Wavelength Meter series allows to characterize the laser wavelength and spectral properties with superb absolute and relative accuracy.

The Standalone modification allows fuII use of the instrument without the need for a connection to a PC.

The Linewidth Analyzers are compact instruments for measuring, analyzing and controlling frequency and intensity noise of lasers.

The Laser Spectrum Analyzers offer the capability for an accurate simultaneous measurement of the center wavelength and the linewidth of a laser source.

The Calibration Sources are frequency stabilized, narrow linewidth laser sources for the calibration of the wavelength meters.

The Precision Current Sources deliver highly stable, low noise currents up to 200 A with ultrafast response.

HighFinesse Wavelength Meter WF6 Series

The HighFinesse WF6 Series features ultra-high-speed measurement rates, the fastest commercially available. Excellent accuracy combined with maximum data acquisition rate of up to 76 kHz, allowing fast dynamics in the kHz range to be directly observed. Different measurement modes enable the user to record or view the frequency behavior of the light source. Combining high speed and superb precision, this instrument fulfils the most important requirements of optical transceiver manufacturers.

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HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzer

The HighFinesse Linewidth Analyzers are high-end optical instruments for measuring, analyzing and controlling frequency, linewidth and intensity noise of laser light sources. The real-time signal output offers the option for a fast feedback loop that can be used to actively reduce the frequency noise and the linewidth of the laser. The evaluation and control of these parameters play a crucial role for development, manufacturing and quality control of lasers for optical communications.

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HighFinesse Wavelength Meter WS8-2

The robust HighFinesse high precision WS8-2 wavemeter, with the world leading Fizeau-technology, is the unsurpassed high-end instrument for wavelength measurement of pulsed and cw laser sources. It delivers superb absolute and relative accuracy. With high measurement performance, this product provides the most significant experimental results meeting the needs of scientific research as well as telecommunications industry and optical metrology.

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