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SmarAct develops and manufactures market-leading solutions in the field of high-precision positioning and measurement technology to give its customers the key competitive edge.

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SmarAct develops high-performance solutions for handling and positioning in the micro and nanometer range. The broad product portfolio - from single stages to complex parallel kinematics, miniaturized robots and easy-to-use control systems - is complemented by sophisticated measurement equipment based on powerful laser interferometers. We are pleased that our products and services help to achieve our customers' goals in a wide range of technology areas and integration levels, such as laboratory research, product development or OEM product integration.

Since its founding in 2005, SmarAct has steadily grown from a small team of engineers to a company with more than 180 highly skilled employees. Our commitment to our customers is second to none. A team of professional application scientists is dedicated to supporting you from the very beginning. From finding the perfect solution, to assisting with setup and integration, to providing after-sales technical support whenever needed.

SmarAct GmbH
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Andreas Joswig
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Products and Services

Positioning Stages
Miniaturization in all fields of application increases the demand and requirements for compact and high-resolution positioning solutions: piezo stick-slip stages, electromagnetic direct drives, stick-slip scanner hybrid drives, environmental-specific stages and system.

Positioning Systems
Most applications in academia and industry require more than one degree of freedom when it comes to the precise positioning of samples, tools or equipment: multi-axis kinematic systems, modular systems, motorized optomechanics, microscope stages, customization and integration service.

SmarAct offers a range of measurement solutions that are widely applied in industrial and academic settings: displacement measurement with pm-resolution, vibration measurements, electrical probing, measurement services.

Electromagnetic Direct Drive

SmarAct's MLS Product Series consist of electromagnetic drives that are directed towards industrial applications, lab automation and compact positioning solutions where high speed, force and nanometer precise motion need to be paired with high duty cycles and durability. The stages are equipped with SmarAct's contactless linear motors free of wear and open up a field of application where highly dynamic processes require speed and nanometer precision simultaneously.

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Parallel Kinematics

SmarAct's Parallel Kinematics of the SMARPOD and TRIPOD product series offer the same degrees of freedom as classic hexapod systems while guaranteeing high resolution and repeatability accompanied with high stiffness and rigidity over the whole working range. The TRIPOD Product Series is the latest addition to SmarAct’s portfolio of compact and modular multidimensional positioning systems, combining serial and parallel kinematics in a hybrid design.

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Precise handling of components, parts and tools at automated opto-electronic assembly lines and sample handling and manipulation in life science are most crucial positioning tasks. Modularity is a of the key features of the products. All of grippers consist of a linear piezo stages and a gripping jaw which can be easily exchanged and customized. When equipped with a position sensor the grippers allow full closed-loop control about the gripping process and the opening of the jaw.

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News & Innovations

Closed-Loop Cryogenic Stages

SmarAct has developed cryogenic positioning stages featuring unmatched closed-loop positioning performance with resolutions below 0.5 nm and bidirectional repeatabilities of 5 nm over a 1 mm travel range. The high-performance stages are specifically designed to meet the most demanding requirements that world-changing technologies like quantum computing induce. The materials for SmarAct's closed-loop cryogenic positioning stages are selected to match the required thermal properties and prevent mechanical stress during cooling and heating cycles. Fully non-magnetic versions are available for use in high magnetic fields.

For the closed-loop cryogenic actuators, SmarAct combines its stick-slip piezo drive stages with its PICOSCALE sensor heads based on an all-optical Michelson interferometric design. SmarAct's closed-loop cryogenic stages are 28 mm in width and 14 mm in height. They are available in lengths from 30 mm to 75 mm with travel ranges from 16 mm to 49 mm.

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