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LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high LIDT laser optics and coatings from UV to IR for industry, medicine and scientific research (35 coating machines, 7 different coating methods).

About us

LASEROPTIK is a manufacturer of high LIDT laser optics and coatings from UV to IR and employs more than 35 coating machines with 7 different coating methods. They include e-beam evaporation, ion assisted deposition (IAD), ion plating, magnetron sputtering, ion beam sputtering (IBS) and atomic layer deposition (ALD). Typical products are high LIDT mirrors, AR coatings, thin-film polarizers, gradient filters, dispersive coatings like GTI mirrors, chirped mirrors and mirror pairs, attenuators, customized filters, metal-enhanced coatings, coatings on crystals, fibers, viewports and space optics. LASEROPTIK offers special capabilities in their Ion Beam Sputtering section. Two IBS coaters have been built up for coatings on large substrates of up to 2 meters in length or 550 mm in diameter. With a team of about 100 people, LASEROPTIK produces up to 180,000 coated optics per year for laser applications in industry, medicine and scientific research.

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易耀翔 Marvin
Phone: +86 134 2407 5957
Wolfgang Ebert
CEO Laseroptik GmbH
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SINOLUMINA Technology Consulting (Shenzen) Co., Ltd.
Rm 413, Tower 6, Hanyu Biological Engineering Building, Liyuan Road
Tangwei, Baoan District, Shenzen
P. R. China

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Products and Services

high LIDT laser mirrors from 120 nm – 5 µm
AR coatings
thin film polarizers
gradient filters
dispersive coatings like GTI mirrors, chirped mirrors and mirror pairs
customized filters
metal-enhanced coatings
coatings on crystals, fibers, viewports and space optics
IBS coatings on large optics up to 2 m in length or diam. 550 mm
structured coatings
Coating of Large Optics

LASEROPTIK uses dedicated equipment for dielectric coatings on large optics up to 2 m in length (long axis for rectangular shapes) or 1 m in diameter with a superior spectral uniformity over the complete surface and high LIDT values. Approved automated ultrasonic and manual cleaning procedures guarantee an optimum cleanliness even on these large scale geometries.

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Chirped Mirrors and Dispersive Coatings for Ultrafast Lasers

As part of our recently enlarged program for ultrafast laser applications, LASEROPTIK offers chirped mirrors, matched pairs and dispersive coatings. In addition, the use of high quality substrates with superior roughness from our Premium (<2Ȧ rms) or super-polished (<1Ȧ rms) product line helps to achieve lowest losses for these critical components. A variety of standard sizes is available from stock.

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Extremely Low Loss Laser Optics

For any application which requires coated optics with extremely low losses LASEROPTIK manufactures mirrors with R > 99,998 % and total losses <10 ppm. These so called supermirrors are used in ring laser gyroscope assemblies or certain scientific and commercial applications.

LASEROPTIK uses modified IBS machines that are capable to produce low absorption and low scatter coatings on super polished substrates.

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