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About us

ALPHA Plasma is a globally operating supplier of microwave plasma systems to the semiconductor and optoelectronics industries. Long-term experience in sales and manufacturing makes Alpha Plasma an ideal partner for the rapidly changing world of electronics. We specialize in providing low pressure Advanced Microwave Plasma Technologies to MEMS fabrication, wafer ashing processes and optical communication module industries.

Alpha Plasma hereby teams up with a worldwide network of partners so that Alpha Plasma is everywhere any time, in particular in South East Asia and China. We are present through Alpha Plasma Asia in Singapore- as well as through China-based companies. The product portfolio of Alpha Plasma comprises classic batch plasma systems as well as fully automated equipment for processing individual substrates, wafers and devices.

The Internet of Things drives us to the evolving market of optoelectronics. We provide dedicated solutions to our customers.

Products and services

At CIOE Shenzhen 2018 ALPHA Plasma presents its portfolio of microwave plasma processes and solutions. We will discuss plasma cleaning applications in advanced IC modules and LED packaging.
On display will be the ALPHA Plasma Microwave System AL18, an example from our portfolio of low-pressure plasma cleaners. This system is well suited for precision cleaning of metal housing, optical communication modules such as Special 100G devices, infrared sensors components as well as other critical surfaces on electronic devices. AL18 is ideal also for a full spectrum of surface pre-treatment of MEMS & Sensors devices and applications. The larger-sized production tool AL76 Compact also serves all process requirements re UPH, user-friendliness and performance. Fully automated loading/ unloading systems are also available for discussions. A very strong point of ALPHA Plasma is the quartz chamber type Q Series, designed for damage-free wafer processing: descum and photo resist stripping.

ALPHA’s AL 18 is a versatile, table-top microwave plasma cleaner, featuring everything to run pilot line production or first-class R&D work, respectively. The chamber volume of 18 liters allows to process single layer substrate carriers as well as mini-batches of products. This microwave plasma tool by ALPHA also provides fast and damage-free plasma processing. Equipped with up to 4 gas lines Alpha Plasma’s AL 18 is well suited to clean WAFERS and all kind of electronic devices/substrates.

ALPHA Plasma System AL 76 Compact

ALPHA Plasma System AL 76 Compact

The ALPHA Plasma Microwave Cleaner AL 76 Compact Is truly an all-rounder. It’s special strength, however, is to clean high-brightness LED’s as well as wafers in MEMS production and niche markets. When equipped with Alpha’s unique ECR mode, AL 76 Compact is running 24/7 mass production in LED assembly. When equipped with a “hot” or “cold” wafer chuck, it is used for removal of SU-8 in MEMS technology as well as for the removal of other thick resists at unparalleled uniformity and etch rate.

ALPHA Plasma System Q 235

ALPHA Plasma System Q 235

The ALPHA Plasma Q Series comprises Microwave Plasma batch ashers for fast and damage-free photo resist stripping. Q 235 is hereby an example from the menu of these ALPHA tools. The unbeatable feature of the Q Series is their DESCUM process, which can meet the most stringent requirements for uniformity. Fast PR stripping is standard also. On top, when equipped with a hot wafer chuck the Alpha Plasma Q Series is also used with demanding single wafer applications such as PI removal or others.


ALPHA Plasma
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Wolfgang Petasch
Owner / Manager
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Astronics Technologies Pte. Ltd.
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P. R. China

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