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About us

Nanosystec is the expert for precision automation in the optoelectronic and data communication industry. We specialized in custom design and manufacturing automatic assembly and alignment stations tailor to customer’s needs, systems can be Semi auto or fully automatic, suitable for high precision adjustment and bonding process.

Nanosystec has more than 15 years of experience in the field of precision alignment and assembly, a qualified and skilled workforce supports customers worldwide – from prototyping and device design to the fully automated turn key solution.

Our stations meet highest quality standard with nearly 100% yield and high throughput. 24 hour/7 days per week production is supported with a rigid system design and error-proof processes.

Products and services

Alignment and Epoxy Gluing NanoGlue: Multiple channel devices such as SiP, AWG, Lens, Fiber, PLC and other optical components will be precision aligned in all degrees of freedom.   Alignment and Laser Welding NanoWeld: submicron alignment and laser welding stations with lowest weld shift as one of the key technologies, fast changing between different devices, such as TOSA, ROSA, BOSA, QSFP, TO Can or Butterfly type products.   Precise passive placement NanoPlace: pick-and-place solution for manufacturing electro-optical subassemblies. Positioning of diode laser, lenses, arrays, and other optical elements with an error of less than 3µm. Optical Device Characterization NanoTest: Offers alignment and test capability for Silicon Photonics assemblies, wafer level or chip-on-submount. Packaging capability can be integrated. Laser Soldering: Rápido is a new laser soldering technique, laser beam is used to heat up the solder material. The temperature can be controlled by adjusting the output power of the laser.


NanoGlue is an advanced workstation for the alignment of
opto-electronic components like planar waveguides, diode lasers
and diode laser arrays, VCSEL, lenses and lens arrays, photo
diodes and diode arrays. The permanent assembly is made with
UV curable epoxy. NanoGlue is suitable for research and product
development as well as for volume production.



The NanoWeld stations provide the ideal platform for the development and production of opto-electronic components, like single and multi-channel transmitters and receivers.
The station works with exchangeable trays and grippers accepting all device housing types and lenses, optical fibers or receptacles to be aligned and attached. Cycle times for the rapid mass production of TOSA type assemblies reach less than 25 seconds while it takes several minutes for complex devices.



The production system NanoRapid is a combination of laser-based selective soldering, optical systems and mechanical transport of the work pieces.
The configuration of the work station depends on the specific
soldering task and the production flow. The modular design
assures an optimal cost-performance ratio.
For circuits which are designed with finer pitch, unwanted bridging is prevented by selective soldering, in particular laser soldering.

News & Innovations

Fully automatic and ultra fast alignment system - Optospin 

OptoSpin combines the advantages of high active alignment accuracy with the fast speed of passive processes. It aligns optical elements, such as fibers, lenses, diode lasers, VCSEL's and photodiodes with the same coupling efficiency as conventional active alignment stations – but nearly a...| » Further reading 

Multiple Beam Optics 

In order to create a weld or solder joint, various approaches can be used. The most versatile but low volume method is the single point attachment. Either the focusing optics or the device are moved perpendicular to the incident beam to reach the respective position. This method is well suited...| » Further reading 


nanosystec GmbH
Maire-Curie-Str. 6
64823 Gross-Umstadt

Phone: +49 6078 78254-0

Sales Manager
Phone: +86 755 86329830

nanosystec Limited
Room 4A-11, Zone C, Zhong Ke Nano Building, Yuexing Six Road
Nanshan district, Shenzhen
P. R. China

Phone: +86 755 86329830

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