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About us

The INGENERIC GmbH develops and manufactures optical components for high-power-applications as well as laser systems for scientific research and optical systems for various applications.
The company was established in 2001 and counts today around 80 employees as their trusted key for success.

Headquarter and production is located in Aachen, Germany. Further premises in the International Technologie- und Service-Center Baesweiler - close to Aachen - cover the extended demand.

For its worldwide customer base INGENERIC offers the complete process chain starting from lens and system design over prototyping and small-series manufacture up to mass production.

Micro-Optics & Modules:

  • Fast-Axis Collimators
  • Slow-Axis Collimators
  • Collimation Modules
  • Beam Transformation Optics
  • Microlens Arrays
  • Aspheres and Acylinders

With its unique technology profile INGENERIC has thus advanced to one of the leading suppliers of beam shaping optics for semiconductor lasers.

Products and services

Customers of the entire laser industry rely on micro-optics, microlens arrays, beam transformation optics and aspheres as well as sophisticated optical systems and laser systems from INGENERIC.

Optical Components:
Micro-optics are key elements in the basic function of high-power diode lasers and are vital to their efficiency. With years of experience, we manufacture refractive micro-optics, beam transformation optics, lens arrays and aspheres with outstanding properties – either as standard optic or as a customer-specific solution:

  • Fast-Axis Collimation
  • Slow-Axis Collimation
  • Beam Transformation Optics
  • C-Modules
  • Microlens Arrays
  • Aspheres and Acylinders
  • Special Products

We use high-quality glass materials, meet the most exacting precision-related specifications in serial manufacture and manufacture in line with continuously optimized engineering designs to ensure that our customers can rely on maximum brightness.

FAC, SAC and Collimation Module

FAC, SAC and Collimation Module

For the collimation of high-power diode lasers INGENERIC offers a large variety of standard optics, such as FACs and SACs. The exacting product tolerances guarantee efficient collimation of the light from all emitters and compatibility with laser bars and stacks.

Our C-Module consists of two micro optics, which are fixed and aligned in one single module with high precision. It is a highly efficient means of reducing the divergence of diode lasers in the fast- and slow-axis simultaneously.



The INGENERIC beamPROP is a lens array which matches the beam parameter product (BPP) of the fast and slow axis of high power diode laser arrays. It is a key component for the fiber coupling of diode bars and dense wavelength beam combining.

Both applications make high demands on the components, which are met by INGENERIC’s outstanding manufacturing technology.

The beamPROP is available as individual component as well as in a complete set with pre-aligned FAC and beamPROP-Array.

Microlens Arrays

Microlens Arrays

MLAs with superior form accuracy are used for applications, where reliability and highest efficiency are crucial criteria.

INGENERIC realizes lateral dimensions of the arrays from some millimeters up to 30 millimeters. The dimension of the array structures are typically in the submillimeter range. High filling factors, minimum dead zones and form accuracies in the submicron range allow unique beam shaping results.


Dennewartstr. 25 – 27
52068 Aachen

Phone: +49 241 9631340
Fax: +49 241 9631349

Dr. Olaf Ruebenach
Managing Partner
Phone: +49 241 9631340

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